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Trojan Egg (2010) by Michael Conroy, Eva Guerra, Matt Mulhern, Nicholas O'Donell-Hoare and Chris Rea

The Goldsmiths Graduate Students in MA Design Critical Practice showcased their work during the 2010 London Design Festival under the title:  ‘Making believe’. Here ‘make believe’ is not used as ‘pretence’ but as a pretext for imagining ways and offering insights to how design can shape and formulate new strategies for change.

Some of the designers have questioned their own practice as well sought ways of  ‘how to communicate ideas that can change a system?’ With some interesting and thought provoking projects  such as Good as Gold by Nicholas O’Donnell-Hoare, Playful Purpose by Tom White and We’ve by Liam Hinshelwood.

All these projects are systemic design responses to specific issues that they have uncovered as externalities of our lifestyles and consumption patterns. Interestingly the designers mentioned above have also worked collaboratively on the projects: Provenance, that

[…]aims to find a link between consumers and the indigenous forest communities through their mutual ecosystems.

And, of particular interest was the collaborative project Trojan egg project, that:

[…] is intended to encourage accountability in farming practices as well as to find ways of bringing information to the consumer via mobile technology.

The positive outcomes of each of their practices is that their work moves beyond criticality and offer agency and empowerment. Bon continuation!